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Care Addiction Recovery Services

We are now in the modern world utilizing technology everywhere. If you still unaware of the dangers that drug and alcohol has, then you must be living under a rock. Many people are aware of the physical damages caused by alcohol and drug addiction. But what other kinds of danger do addicts face when using […]

The Truth behind being A Drug Addict

A drug addict is an individual who is struggling from a disease that causes to be psychologically and physically dependent on drugs. Individuals who suffer from drug addiction are incapable to control their mania or obsession to use drugs, in spite of the knowledge of the negative impacts it is having on their life and […]


Nathan takes us back to the beginning of his quest for sober living. He remembers the first couple of trials and tribulations: the struggle, the sweating, the detox, and even nightmares. He didn’t even think it was possible to survive the week. But surprisingly, he’s now coming on half a year of sobriety. He knows […]

Marijuanas Harmful Effects

Based on the research conducted by the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, marijuana was the most usually used drugs, with more than 17 million users in 2010. Among individuals who started using drugs, 62% said they first used marijuana. The adverse effects of marijuana abuse are reducing motivation, paranoia and anxiety, blurry […]

How Much Do College Students Drink

As reported by Monitoring the Future, 42% of high school seniors tried to drink alcohol. College years is not the period we think is the right to experiment with alcohol. Most students tried to use alcohol at an early age, during their high school period and parents are unaware that their children have a drinking […]

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