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We have been offering services for the people of Seattle, WA for over ten years. We are a clinically supervised and safe facility that helps people take the plunge in being clean and sober. Detoxification, or detox, eliminates accumulated substances and purges them from the body; however, it shouldn’t be confused with actual drug and/or alcohol rehab treatment. Detox alone isn’t a replacement for rehab. The extent of detox requirements range from person to person. Keep in mind that the ‘cold turkey’ method is dangerous in some cases, so we utilize safe and verified methods that treat each patient as individuals with their own particular detox needs. To speak with a detox expert, or to get any question answered, call our staff at (253) 242-9891 as soon as possible!

Varieties of Detox

There are often two types of detox utilized in detox centers: medically supervised withdrawal and social detoxification. Either medically supervised withdrawal or social detoxification is assigned by a healthcare professional depending upon:

  • the type of drug being used
  • psychological state of the patient
  • length of addiction
  • physical health of the patient
  • age of the patient
  • what kind of atmosphere the specialists think will likely be most helpful to the patient

Medically supervised withdrawal is recommended for people in Seattle, WA who are hooked on:

  • alcohol
  • barbiturates or sedatives
  • pain medications (prescription or pharmaceutical)
  • opioids (heroin, OxyContin7, codeine)

There are a few detox medications that must be prescribed by a professional, which can minimize some of the unpleasant, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. It’s also vital for people in Seattle, WA suffering from severe alcoholism or people who are abusing alcohol in conjunction with other drugs to be prescribed a medically supervised withdrawal. Otherwise, it could result in hallucinations, seizures, or other severe physical and psychological conditions. All of these dangerous withdrawal symptoms could be avoided with specific medications provided during the supervised withdrawals at medically supervised detoxification treatment facilities. Medically supervised withdrawal is also strongly recommended for anyone in Seattle, WA that has ever experienced hallucinations or seizures, has a severe illness, or has been diagnosed with certain mental illnesses.

Social detoxification is most effective those dependent on drugs like:

  • marijuana
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine
  • occasional opioid use
  • occasional alcohol use

In this type of detox, clients are supervised by nurses and therapists that oversee the patients’ health. They also try to help them during their cravings of withdrawal without utilizing medications, as the symptoms are more mild. Social detoxification is a “social” experience, meaning clients aren’t separated in institution-like rooms, but are living with each other while they undergo detox. This style of detox prepares addicts for a treatment program. This is because during treatment, addicts will be living with and working along with other people in recovery.

Our Detox Methods

Different substances result in a wide range of withdrawal symptoms. This is why our staff offers so many different detox procedures. Depressants, like barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol, can result in:

  • hallucinations
  • tremors
  • increased body temperature
  • higher heart rate
  • seizures
  • increased blood pressure

Withdrawal from stimulants (including cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamines, and Ritalin) is often uncomplicated. During this time, emotional support from family members, loved ones, and therapists is key. Sometimes, psychiatrists prescribe medications to prevent stimulant psychosis, symptoms of which include:

  • suicidal emotions
  • psychosis
  • suicide attempts
  • paranoid delusions

Opiates, such as heroin, codeine, morphine, and OxyContin, can lead to withdrawal symptoms which can symptoms like:

  • runny nose
  • sweating
  • anxiousness
  • depression
  • rapid pulse
  • rapid breathing
  • bone sensitivity
  • muscle pain
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

Taking the First Step

For many people in Seattle Washington, detox is an important first step towards recovering from substance abuse. It is JUST a first step, a precursor to a rehabilitation program. Unlike other facilities, we offer treatment intervention addiction guidance throughout the process. We also provide assistance after a detox process because it is easy to relapse into drug use. Detox, followed immediately by rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction, is an extremely efficient first step for successful addiction rehabilitation recovery. Recovery is achievable. Addicts in Seattle, WA will achieve more success if detox is used in tandem with drug and alcohol rehab. Contact us to speak with knowledgeable recovery specialists at (253) 242-9891 We also can answer any question concerning detox, rehabilitation, and treatment, or detox and rehabilitation locations.