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Nathan: The Alcoholic

Posted: August 2, 2015 by in Care Addiction Recovery Services


Nathan takes us back to the beginning of his quest for sober living. He remembers the first couple of trials and tribulations: the struggle, the sweating, the detox, and even nightmares. He didn’t even think it was possible to survive the week. But surprisingly, he’s now coming on half a year of sobriety. He knows he’s come a long way, but still has a long way to go. One of his favorite quotes is:

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”

Nathan doesn’t feel 100% satisfied (not just yet) and has a lot of his reasons why drinking still haunts him. The good thing is, he’s working real hard to correct his past mistakes. He has two very distinct responses every time his brain tells him to drink:

  1. Give in to the temptation. Drink again and go back to day 1 right on the starting line.
  2. Keep calm, carry on and stay sober

Option 2 is really becoming easier, so he carries on the best way he can. Nathan takes it one step at a time. One sober day at a time.

Sometimes Nathan feels like throwing caution to the wind and doing something crazy. He wants to rage out of control and just completely forget what he had already started. For him, abstinence from alcohol is very, very hard. Dangerous thoughts constantly enter into his mind tempting him into relapsing.

As Nathan wakes himself up back to reality, he consciously whispers, “I’m not giving up just yet”. He is still in high spirits. Regardless, clean-living is sometimes really tough. He’s learned a lot about himself along the way, as well as addiction and most especially about what’s important in life. Every time he finds life is tough, he seeks help. He goes to meetings in some recovery programs centers where he realized he couldn’t cope with his alcoholism. He needed those groups for moral support. He also needs to connect with people like him, because that’s where the comfort is, where he feels most at home: people who sincerely understand his dilemma. Nathan knows his weaknesses really well, and one of them is his addiction to alcohol. He always makes it a point to discuss this with his friends or relatives. Communication is an essential ingredient in recovery.

In addition, Nathan’s favorite routines for maintaining sobriety include taking a shower, snacks, short naps, short walk in the park, and listening to music. Nathan believes, “you must keep doing the things you enjoy, no matter how small or trivial they are because you have to maintain a level of self-respect and compassion. Bottom line is, learn to love yourself.”

As previously mentioned, Nathan already celebrated 6 months sober and is still going strong. Why not join him and celebrate a sober life too?

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