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The Truth Behind Being A Drug Addict

Posted: August 10, 2015 by in Care Addiction Recovery Services

The Truth behind being A Drug Addict

A drug addict is an individual who is struggling from a disease that causes to be psychologically and physically dependent on drugs. Individuals who suffer from drug addiction are incapable to control their mania or obsession to use drugs, in spite of the knowledge of the negative impacts it is having on their life and the lives of those closest to them. Addiction programs centers say that they will be impotent to manage just how much of the drug they use on a daily basis and their behavior when they are high. This can lead to deteriorating effects on their work health and personal relationships.

Is This A Problem?

Many people often oversee drug addiction as a disease on the surface. It is much stress-free to refute that there is an addiction problem rather than facing it. On the other hand, when they do make this try they run back to the drug for relief and comfort from life stresses and withdrawal.

Their substance abuse can prompt to severe medical concerns as it affects several parts of the body, causing serious damage to the brain by changing brain chemicals to generate pleasurable effects. They may also experience problems in family, personal relationships, work and study. Many drug addicts will undergo serious financial problems by spending money that they have just to feed up their drug habit, and possibly losing their job for poor performance or neglecting career responsibilities.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Some of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction n are clearly seen by most, it is very easy to see how a loved one is affected by illicit drugs. Usually the last one to know they are affected, but this chronic disease is the addict himself. They incline to deny that there is an issue until they have hit the rock bottom of addiction and are forced to accept the fact and make the decision between constantly continue the use of drugs until it eventually kills them to take back control and begin their recovery.

These are common signs and symptoms linked with drug addiction:

  • Using drugs on a regular basis
  • Trying to hide it from others
  • Poor performance at study and work
  • Missing business and /or family activities
  • Engaging in violent behavior and crimes
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, nausea, when stopping the use of a substance abruptly

What Causes Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not something that happens in just one sitting or overnight. Many people are taking drugs as a way to escape from addiction from reality; to dull emotional, mental or physical pain; or to experience a feeling of intense excitement or euphoria that goes along with that certain drug. After taking drugs into the body develops a tolerance that needs larger doses to achieve the desired effects.  As the regularity and dosage of drug use inclines so does the risk of developing a psychological and physical dependency. The daily use of drugs alters chemicals in the brain. In just few months the drug user can lose entire control to addiction.

Seeking For Help from Drug Addiction Programs Centers

If you think you are suffering from drug, there are some drug addiction programs centers that help addicted individuals to break through from the disease of addiction. They will give them personalized and specialized treatment programs that are aptly right in achieving addiction recovery. Some provide holistic addiction therapies and counseling to help each individual to avoid certain relapse.

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